I'm Ravi Raman, nice to meet you!

Working with Ravi was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I came to him looking for industry tips and best practices; instead, I received an education into what makes us human.

Lead Product Manager @ Facebook


It was like magic!

After attending the sessions week after week, I didn't think much of the process, I listened, participated, did the homework. And then one day, it all just clicked. It was the most natural thing ever, like sneezing or laughing at a really funny joke, not forced, but from the heart. It all made sense.

I'm a changed human, not because I burned the midnight oil studying, or because I had sticky notes all over my wall to remind me of what I should be practicing, no, I'm a changed human because Ravi takes you on a gentle journey, like a lazy river ride, he shows you the flowers and beautiful sites along the ride, and then when you get out on the other side, you know exactly where to go next.

VP of Project Management @ eLearning Startup


I used to take the "no pain no gain approach" and then feel so defeated by it, or constantly seek external hacks to do things "the right way".

I feel so liberated knowing that I can trust my own way and my instincts and that ultimately, being connected and in-tune is often the biggest determinant for success.  THANK YOU, this has been incredible!

Customer Success Manager @ Wix


Transformative Leadership was not at all what I expected, and at the same time, it was everything I needed it to be.

Thanks to Ravi's teachings and the insights of other students, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what's important to me and how to manage my career.

Software Engineer @ Waymo, an Alphabet Company

If you are looking to elevate your leadership capacity and performance in your work, and are sincerely interested in learning how to unlock the innate capacities within you to do so, this is the right course for you.

Through thoughtful teaching, interactive exercises and lively group discussion, the Transformative Leadership program will help you:

  • Learn and apply the first principles behind modern leadership
  • Experience the power of building connections with people and teams
  • Realize what it means to be truly effective vs just productive
  • Unleash creativity to solve problems and innovate beyond your "pay grade"
  • Operate and make decisions from a place clarity and confidence
  • Connect with a group of committed leaders and high performers 

...and much more!

During this 5-week - LIVE - group program, we will explore the hidden dimensions to performing well and leading powerfully at work, without relying on blind luck or the capacity to muster insane amounts of effort. It is all about developing a much deeper understanding of how the mind operates, and the brilliant capacities that lie within, resting dormant.

This course will run for 5 weeks from September 13th - October 18th and feature:

  • 6 x Live classes on Tuesdays (from 5-6:30 pm Pacific Time - USA).
  • 5 x Live Q&A sessions on Thursdays (from 5-6 pm Pacific Time).
  • Access to resources supporting continued growth and development.
  • Connection to an alumni community of growth-oriented high performers.


The first 8 students to enroll will receive a complimentary 1-on-1 coaching session to support deeper application and understanding of program material.


What's the cost of the program?

Tuition is $2,000 USD.

What is the refund policy?

I stand behind the power of the transformative coaching that is the basis for this course. However, if you demonstrate a commitment to showing up and applying all the principles explored in the course, and yet you are not satisfied, you may request a full refund at any point prior to the conclusion date of the course.

Do I need to attend all the classes?

It is highly encouraged that you attend as many sessions as possible. The power of this program will be based on the depth of conversation within the group. If you miss a few sessions, that's OK, as recordings will be available. However, all students should plan on missed classes being the exception and NOT the rule!

How do I enroll in the program?

In the Summer of 2022 this page will have a link to a short application. Once you apply, we will respond promptly with the next steps to complete enrollment. Join my email list to ensure you are notified when applications are available.

Why do I need to apply?

To ensure that this program is a good fit for all students, an application is required prior to enrollment.

What happens after I apply?

We will carefully review all applications to ensure a great fit between the Transformative Leadership program with your specific career and personal development needs. If there are any questions, you will hear from us via email and potentially be requested to discuss further through a quick conversation.

How many students will be admitted to this program?

The program has a limited cohort size of 28 sincere professionals looking to transform their level of leadership and effectiveness at work. This ensures appropriate vibrancy of group interaction, with enough space for individual attention.


Email: [email protected]

Ravi Raman

Ravi Raman, is the creator and coach for this course, and a former Director and 14-year Product Management and Business Planning veteran at Microsoft. Ravi is an Executive Career Coach with clients currently at Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and numerous fast-growing Startups.

Ravi has helped hundreds of professionals elevate their performance and leadership with less effort and none of the stress. He is a certified Transformative Coach and former board member of the International Coaching Federation in Colorado.

When he is not working with clients, Ravi loves spending time in the lake-country of Minnesota with his family, playing with his rescue dog and exploring the world.